What a fun day we had! CrossFit Babes Games day was a huge success for everyone involved from the organises, participants and local businesses. Three workouts plus an “eliminator” final gave the female only competitors a platform to not only show their resilience and determination, but also provided the beginners to the sport, an opportunity to enjoy throwing down with friends in a fun and supportive environment.

The RecoveryBar iced, fed, taped and treated the “Babes”  before, during and after each event, providing an area for the ladies to recover between workouts. We had our ice baths set to 10 degrees Celsius which was a “god send” according to many of the competitors to soothe sore forearms and heavy legs after the 1.2km run

The NutritionBar, powered by BodyScience, provided the “fuel” the ladies needed in between events to keep their energy levels up. Our Chill Out zone was a popular place to  relax and cheer on fellow competitors while the competitors waited for the next workouts to be called up. And in the treatment zone, we looked after lower backs, forearms, sore legs and Rocktaped up shoulders and hands.

Big thank you to everyone who supported the RecoveryBar; we had an awesome day and look forward to supporting our next female only competition at CrossFit Raw Iron, Saturday 3rd September 2016 on the Gold Coast.