We had the pleasure to sit down with one of our amazing members, Prue Davies during  her recovery session at our Burleigh Heads clinic to learn a little bit more about her training regime, her motivation and what she has her sights set on for the next competition year.

The Person

Prue Davies is one of the most gorgeous people you could ever meet. Known by the fun nicknames of “Prudence, Prusta or Proodles”, her infectious smile, sparkling eyes and a soft and gentle nature, one would think she wouldn’t hurt a fly. However, once the competition button is switched to ON, be it in the pool or at the beach, it’s game time and those sparkling eyes turn into a steely focus that cannot be broken.

The Motivation

Prue hails from the prestigious Currumbin Surf Life Saving club and has been a member for the past five years. Surf Life Saving started out for Prue as a nipper. Her whole family had been involved with the sport for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until she became exposed to high level competition her  motivation to compete spiked. Prue credits her inspirational sister, Miranda for her shift of motivation and focus to train hard. After watching her big sister  compete in the 2010 Nutrigrain Iron Woman Series, Prue realised there was a whole new world of training and competition to be pursued that she wanted to be a part of it both in pool with Surf Rescue and in the Ocean with Surf Life Saving. Now, at the ripe old age of 19, her training and competition focus is shared between the pool and the surf, depending on the season.

The Weekly Training Schedule

Lets just say Prue’s training schedule isn’t dull! Be it Surf season or Pool rescue season, the balancing act for getting training right takes a lot of organisation, food, sleep, recovery and support. A typical training week in the life of Prue is:

  • Pool Season – 7 swim sessions, 3 gym sessions, 3 runs and 3 specific pool rescue sessions
  • Surf Season – 5 swim sessions, 2 Ski sessions, 2 board sessions, 2 “Iron” sessions, 3 gym and 3 run sessions

Getting the balance right with recovery

With up to 30 hours per week invested to training, Prue practices what she preaches when it comes to balance. Prue’s philosophy is, to achieve her goals, she needs to get the best out of her body both physically and mentally through training hard, being disciplined and finding the right combination of training and recovery sessions  to maintain her 30 hours a week schedule. Prue’s FAVOURITE recovery is the ice bath, describing in her own words they help her stay on top of her training, and leave her feeling re-freshed, energised, lighter and focused on working towards her next goals which include:

  • Win the 200m Super Life Saver at the Australian Championships August 2017
  • Podium finish – Female Open Surf Race at 2018 Aussies
  •  2018 Australian Surf Life Saving team selection for the World Championships

We wish Prue all the very best for her upcoming trip to Poland for “The World Games 2017! To follow Prue and all her adventures, be sure to look her up on Instagram @pruedavies