Ice Baths


Submerging your body into cold water (10 degree ice bath), your body will naturally respond to this change in temperature by constricting the blood flow to our extremities and redirect blood to the ‘core’ of our body where the vital organs, promoting a higher turn over of blood in through our major organs which assists with removing waste products faster. After the cold exposure, blood flow resumes to the extremities, replenishing these tissues with the return of blood which has been filtered of toxins.


The Benefits


Who uses it? Professional and semi professional athletes, weekend warriors, corporate sector, actors and actresses, musical stage performers, motivational speakers (Tony Robbins), racing car drivers and those recovering from surgery or rehabilitating from an injury.


Contraindications: Poor circulation, open wounds, hypersensitivity to cold, elderly and very young


How do I use it? We recommend beginners who have not experienced cold water regularly to start with building up to five minutes one (1) to two (2) times per week. For those who are in regular training and have experience with using the ice bath as part of their weekly regime, to ice for up to 10 to 15 minutes up to two (2) times per week and incorporate the ice bath as part of a weekly recovery plan.

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