We would like to congratulate one of our Silver Sports Recovery members, Beate Stofring on her recent world record equalling achievement at the Queensland Kettlebell trials.

Many of you may not have heard about this competitive sport that involves an insane grip strength, power, determination and a phenomenal amount of mental will power. Kettlebell sport originated from Russia and in essence, it is a weightlifting sport performed with Kettlebells. There are a number of different Kettlesport disciplines that individuals choose to compete in.

Beate specialises in the “Two Arm Long Cycle” which involves 2 x 24kg kettlebells which she must “clean” to the chest in the rack position , jerk them to the overhead position, then allow the kettlebells to drop back into the rack position, followed by the back swing, and clean into the rack position again event which lasts for 10 minutes. The current World Record for this particular event was 66 repetitions in 10 minutes which Beate equalled at the QLD Trials.

Beate is a disciplined athlete, ensuring her training and recovery sessions are scheduled and adhered to as she knows all too well that if she does not look after herself physically, mentally and emotionally,  she can’t expect her body to give her the results she is hungry for. Beate attends the Sports Recovery Clinic at least, two times per week, rotating between the following;

  • Contrast water therapy (Hot / Cold) or a 10 minute ice bath
  • Myofasical release with the Hyperice roller or 20 minutes muscle stimulation using a COMPEX
  • 30 minute Recovery Boots session while listening to music

Beate will be leaving us for a few months as she heads home to Norway where she will continue her training before competing in St Petersburg, Russia. We wish her all the best as she pursues her goals, dreams and aspirations!

To find more out about Kettlebell sport, click here to see Beate after equalling the world record!