Our Clients

With the evolution of health and wellness, increasing participation numbers at weekend sporting events and competitions; the growing trend to conquer one’s “Bucket List”, and the awareness of investing in a “prevention rather than a cure” (such as reducing muscle soreness with massage therapy as opposed to waiting until your muscle has torn), has led to a growing number of Australian’s being committed to improving their overall health.

No matter your health status, age, type of physical activity or level of fitness you are at, The RecoveryBar has something to help you achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. Our clients include:


  • Professional and Semi-professional Athletes
  • Junior sports people who love participating in sport
  • “Weekend Warriors” who enjoy keeping fit or who are training for an event
  • Return Exercisers, looking to get back into regular exercise and reduce pain, muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Retirees who enjoy keeping fit and healthy


Client Success stories

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Marathoning Mum, Jenny

Recovery: 3 Marathons in 3 days

TJ; sights set on the Comm Games

Committed, Organised and Focused