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The RecoveryBar is an innovative method of looking after athletes. Athletes can utilize the services provided to ensure that they maximise their chances of performing at their best throughout the event. Rocktape likes to position itself with other quality products and services, and we know that Lou and her team use Rocktape effectively to ensure that athletes can go stronger, longer.

Tony Stahl

Rocktape Australia

Blue Dinosaur loves supporting LouFerguson and her team at the RecoveryBar! They offer many great services from ice baths to massages, Rocktaping to relaxation and of course, nutrition! Lou and her team travel all over Australia to bring the RecoveryBar to all types of athletes and we always hear rave reviews from her happy customers!

Tina Barton

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

Louise Ferguson is a true pioneer of the sports recovery industry in Australia.

She is dynamic, innovative and tireless in her quest to expand and improve on the available technology and knowledge base.
We are pleased to be able to continue our long term support for Louise and her work and to learn from her experiences with her clients across Australia and the many owners and users of our iCool products that she encounters.
It is the skilled input from people like Louise that have help iCool to become the world’s number one manufacturer of sports recovery equipment.

Craig Cook

Director, iCool Ltd.