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The RecoveryBar event service is the original,  “State of the Art” mobile event sports recovery service. It is an Australian invention, using the latest equipment and expertise in sport recovery that was once only made available to elite athletes. We travel to sporting events and create a one stop sport recovery shop with Ice Baths, sports nutrition, stretching, mobility, massage, physiotherapy, strapping and rock taping, all under one big marquee conveniently located at your sporting event.

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Why use The RecoveryBar?

The RecoveryBar event service was created so you can reducing pain, muscles soreness, fatigue and injury and improving your  performance when competing at your sporting event. We have researched and formulated our own unique method to help manage muscle tightness, pain, injuries and fatigue without needing to leave the sporting arena or grounds.

How does the RecoveryBar work?

Sporting associations who run major sporting carnivals invite our team to attend their competitions and provide our onsite, sport recovery service. We bring all the equipment, man power and set up under one big marquee. Once the event starts, you can access all our services with your “RecoveryBar Pass” at any time throughout the duration of the event and utilise our one of a kind sports recovery service which includes Ice Baths, Sports Nutrition, Stretching and Mobility and Massage and Strapping for a one off price.

What is a RecoveryBar Pass?

A RecoveryBar pass gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to everything in the RecoveyBar at your event. This means, you only pay a one off fee and you are free to come and go as much as you like, eliminating the need to continually reach into your back pocket to pay per service. The one off fee covers you for all services picture below.

Ice Bath


Mobility & Stretching

Expert Treaters

What do I get with my RecoveryBar Pass?


  • Ice Baths
  • Fruit, Nuts
  • Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bites
  • BodyScience drinks and bars
  • An area to stretch, roll out and relax
  • Bean Bags for a nap
  • Qualified treaters – Massage Therapists, Physio’s, Exercise Physiologists
  • Rocktaping
  • Rigid Taping (Oztag and Touch events only)
  • Friendly, helpful staff on hand to help YOU

UNLIMITED access with your RecoveryBar pass!

How do I use it?


What are the benefits of the RecoveryBar?


  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces injuries
  • Assists your performance
  • Improves recovery time
  • Onsite Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Trainers
  • Suitable for all ages and sports
  • All passes come with strapping included
  • We travel to your sporting event and set up
  • Receive UNLIMITED ACCESS with your pass
  • Team and Individual packages available
  • Great place for a team debrief!

Check out our videos below, explaining the benefits of each step

The Four Steps explained

Step 1 – Ice Bath

Remove lactic acid, reduce swelling and inflammation faster with an ice bath

Step 2 – NutritionBar

BodyScience supplements and bars, a selection of fruits, raw nuts, paleo bars and water

Step 3 – Chill Out Zone

The chill out zone is also a great place for teams to debrief. We provide rollers, bands, trigger point balls and bean bags!

Step 4 – Treatment Zone

Massage Therapists, Physio’s, Exercise Physiologists and Rock Docs.

Want the RecoveryBar at your next event?

The Feedback

Players, team managers and coaches don’t need to worry about ice baths, packing healthy snack food, strapping up players, or booking a massage therapist, this is all available at The RecoveryBar!