RecoveryBar FAQs

Have a question regarding the RecoveryBar Event service? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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Is there a limit to the number of times I can come into the RecoveyBar on my pass?

No Limit – You can come and go as much as you like with a RecoveryBar pass

I’ve never used the RecoveryBar before, will someone be there to help me?

YES! A team member will talk you through the best way to utilise the RecoveryBar

Do I have to buy a pass to use the RecoveryBar?

No you don’t. You have the option to purchase massage, strapping, ice baths and recovery food over the course of the weekend as you go.

Can our club book The RecoveryBar to look after our players privately?

Yes we can! Please email with your clubs details and we will be in touch

What temperature are the Ice baths?

Between 10 – 15 degrees Celsius. This is subject to air temperature and how many players are in the ice bath

How long do I stay in the ice bath?

5 minutes

When is the best time to use the ice bath?

After each game / event (time permitting) and at the end of each day

Is there someone who will time me in the ice bath?

YES! A team member will be on hand to time you

Is there somewhere I can get changed?

We do not have specific change rooms in the RecoveryBar and suggest you use the onsite change rooms

Are there showers in the RecoveryBar?

RAGNAR Trail Running event – Yes there is a shower at the RecoveryBar

All other events we do not provide a shower. We ask participants to use the onsite change rooms to shower before entering the ice baths.

Can I store my gear in the RecoveryBar?

No. All players / competitors are responsible for their own gear

What type of strapping do I receive with my RecoveryBar Pass?

OzTag and Touch Football – Rocktape and Rigid Tape. All other sporting events is only Rocktape

How long will my strapping last?

This depends on the air temperature, the conditions of the fields (wet, dry, muddy) how many games played or times you are competing and how well your skin is prepped. It is the responsibility of the client to remove all cream, oil, sunscreen, dirt and sweat prior to strapping.

Can I get as much strapping as I like with my Pass?

A RecoveryBar team member will be able to guide you on exactly how much strapping you may or may not require

What food is in the NutritionBar?

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Raw Nuts, BodyScience Bars and recovery protein (adults only) and water

I have a nut allergy; does any of the food in the NutritionBar contain nuts?

YES. The Raw nuts and some of the paleo bars contain nuts. Please see a RecoveryBar team member and we can arrange your own food

Can I book appointment times during an event?

RAGNAR Trail running DELUXE SERVICE – Yes you can book your massage times

All other events – We do not take booking times for ice baths, massage or strapping.  To receive a treatment you will need to record your name with our front of house team member and then wait for your name to be called.

Who do I see about a massage with my RecoveryBar pass?

One of our team members will be at the front counter with the Treatment Zone list and they will put you name down for a massage. You will then need to wait for your name to be called out

How long does a Massage go for with my pass?

5 minutes per treatment (10 minutes at RAGNAR Trail Running) There is no limit to how many treatments with your pass

When do you open?

Approximately One (1) hour before the first game / event is due to commence. Please check website event page for specific times for your event.

Can I share my pass with another person?

No you can not share your pass. Passes can be transferred into another name. A small administration fee applies.

Do you provide Physio assessments?

No we do not. The RecoveryBar is only for Recovery. All Medical and First Aid related enquires MUST be directed to the onsite medical team.

Do you sell tape at your events?

Yes! We sell  Rigid Tape ($10) and Rocktape in a range of colours ($22.50). All tape purchased from the RecoveryBar comes with One FREE application of tape (you must use the roll you purchased)

Do you have an EFTPOS machine?

Yes we do. We have a minimum send of $10.00 per transaction