As a Physiotherapist, Mum, Weightlifter and Crossfit athlete juggling full time work and study, I wasn’t providing my body with the optimal recovery until I met Lou.

The recovery bar provided with a holistic and tailor made recovery solution including; goal setting, nutrition planning, skins fold monitoring, active pool recovery, mobility and soft tissue massage. Lou even made time to check in regularly over the phone during times of high stress. If you are looking for evidence based recovery plan to optimise your athletic potential than look no further than Lou.

Andrea Miller

Current New Zealand record holder for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk in the 69kg and 63kg weight division 2010 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist 100m Hurdles, representing New Zealand Two times CrossFit® Pacific Regional Games Athlete (2013 / 2015) Registered Physiotherapist

All elite athletes know the feeling of competing over more than a one day period, in which recovery is crucial.
Whether its because of the massage treatments to help sore muscles, the essential snacks provided to refuel my body, the ice baths to reduce my muscle swelling or the friendly conversations I have with Lou, I always walk away feeling better. There is no one I would trust more than Lou
Max Brooks

IronMan – NutriGrain Series Athlete 2015 - 2020 Season Newport SLSC

Thank you Lou for all the support you have given me throughout the 2015 / 2016 Ironman season. This is the first time I have had a person set up my recovery program and didn’t it pay off!!! Your professionalism and enthusiasm towards my sport and getting the best out of my performances was second to none.

Thank you Lou!

Dane Farrell

Nutri Grain Iron man athlete 2015/2016 season

As a Pan Pac Masters Player and umpire I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of access and professional facilities of ice baths, massage, strapping and nutrition that Lou Ferguson provides. The RecoveryBar is fabulous value for money is well worth every cent. I highly recommend you try as I will be again for next years State Masters Championships
Cath Foxover

Masters Hockey Player

I completed my first 50km ultra trail run this year and made full use of LFRB – I can honestly say I pulled up better after the 50km than I did after smashing out a 10km PB on the road. I wish I could access LFRB at every event I do.
Jacqueline Tol

Trail Runner

The Lou Ferguson Athlete Recovery service has been a fantastic addition to our members training regime. After doing the hard yards in the gym, our athletes are able to get a head start on recovery with Lou’s structured recovery program. With the help of this program our athletes training quality and intensity has improved considerably.
Regan Hams

Owner CrossFit Bounce/Weighlifter

Louise Ferguson is a true pioneer of the sports recovery industry in Australia.

She is dynamic, innovative and tireless in her quest to expand and improve on the available technology and knowledge base.
We are pleased to be able to continue our long term support for Louise and her work and to learn from her experiences with her clients across Australia and the many owners and users of our iCool products that she encounters.
It is the skilled input from people like Louise that have help iCool to become the world’s number one manufacturer of sports recovery equipment.

Craig Cook

Director , iCool Ltd

No Oztag tournament would be the same now without the RecoveryBar

A couple of years ago I was approached by Lou Ferguson regarding the RecoveryBar and introducing it to our Oztag tournaments. I knew the culture of Oztag players and told Lou it may take a while for them to accept it. Six tournaments on and the LouFerguson RecoveryBar is part of the Oztag fabric for all NSW and Australian Tournaments. Players have raved about the difference it has made to their personal performance in a heavy schedule of Oztag over the weekend.

Bill Harrigan

General Manager / Tournament Director, Australian Oztag Limited|

Lou has an incredible passion for helping athletes. She possesses great skill in many facets of this field and has a lovely, friendly manner. Lou has guided me with my own health and fitness goals in nutrition, mobility exercises, trigger pointed sore spots and treated me with the best massages ever. Lou and her team provide a rare and diverse arrangement of health and fitness services and I cannot recommend it enough.
Lainie Carter

Having Lou Ferguson along with her incredible team equipped with food, ice baths and massage made our event more professional and elite. As our event was very physically challenging and quite taxing on the body it was a great addition to have Lou’s recovery team supporting our athletes. Allowing them to be able to perform to the best of their ability. We look forward to working together in the future to create top events.
Ben Schwartz

Iron Edge Schwartz Challenge Organiser and owner of Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne

We had our Moorabbin Megabowl in August this year with over 110 athletes competing. We arranged to have the RecoveryBar at our event as it is a 2 day event and we as athletes know the importance of caring for the body and having a place to chill in between events. The evidence on flushing muscles with massage or using ice baths is there, and we are hoping more and more athletes begin to care for their bodies to prevent injury and increase performance and speed up recovery.
Kyle Frankenfeld

Coach and Regionals Athlete, CrossFit Moorabbin

LouFerguson RecoveryBar is definitely a vital part of my performance and recovery as an athlete at an event. I have used LFRB 3 times now and between ice baths, massage and taping it has most definitely assisted in caring for my body. Recently competing on the Gold Coast at Pan Pacs, which was a 3 day event, I was so pleased to see LFRB operating there and without hesitation purchased a 3 day pass. All her staff are amazing, friendly and great at releasing my muscles.
Lou Richards

Coach and Competitor, Crossfit Moorabbin

The demand on the body to perform at its peak during any Crossfit competition is extremely high. During our annual Inhouse Throwdown, our members were fortunate to have available the services of Lou Ferguson and the LouFerguson RecoveryBar. Not only did it give them a better preparation for the competition, it also ensured quicker recovery and allowed them to maintain peak performance throughout the day. The LouFerguson RecoveryBar is a must at any Crossfit event.
Mark Edis

Head Coach, Crossfit Victus